Aesthetic, design, engineering, technological elaboration of the product.

The essence of industrial design is to develop marketable products appearance considering usability and ergonomics. Product research is carried out to form strategy for its further promotion in the market. Thus, it provides the necessary industrial design branding, promoting development and improving your business. 

Development of any design involves several steps: 

Development sketches. At the initial stage designers performed a preliminary study of the customer's specifications and develop creative ideas. Usually prepared several predefined concepts, backed graphic sketches, which are offered to the client. Customer having reviewed the proposed ideas, makes its corrections and adjustments. 

Visualization. The next stage of industrial design includes a volume rendering. Layout (or multiple layouts) future commercial products made ​​from plasticine. The specialists observe the dimensions of the design studio product. The creation of surround layout is needed to determine the ergonomic qualities. 

Simulation. Once the client is finally determined with a choice of creative concept, studio masters in industrial design, our specialists beginning to develop a full 3D model. In this case we are talking about building a visual appearance of the product. Then, with a 3D model of the future product can be found on the computer and, if necessary, be further amended in the design. 

Construction. Further, it is taken for designers. Based on the functional requirements of the product and the finished volume model analyzes the nuances of his, fabrication and assembly, and the subsequent operation. The objectives of the design of industrial design is to develop the internal components, as well as their integration into the prepared visual image. 

Prototyping. After the concept of the product is fully ready, it must be tested and a demonstration. For this industrial designer of our products are manufactured with the help of a prototype for growing 3D printer. Production of one or more prototypes is a control step in which we can finally ensure fidelity selected ergonomic solutions. Development of advanced technologies allows you to grow mikrotirazhnogo production prototypes without significantly increasing the total project cost. 

Accompaniment. The final stage in the development is the author's support product. It helps to prevent possible changes in certain parameters of the product in mass production. There are cases when the production process customer personal corrections are made, resulting in a product obtained is losing its competitive edge in the market. Author's support avoids this outcome. 
Company INTEC is a team of highly qualified specialists whose job it is to use the most convenient, aesthetic, practical and technologically superior solutions aimed at the development of your business. The main design principle of our company: task - Planning - Resources - Implementation - quality control. Due to a serious approach to the goals, as well as more than 5 years' experience of successful projects in the field of electronics and industrial design company INTEC develops truly educated and informed decisions that can manifest itself in the market.