Samsung Corporation

Samsung Group (Korean 삼성 그룹, Samseong Gurub, Samsŏng Gurup) - industrial group (group of companies), one of the largest chaebol in South Korea, was founded in 1938. On the world market as a manufacturer of high-known components, telecommunications equipment, household appliances, audio and video. 

The word "Samsung" (Korean 삼성?, 三星?, More correct transmission word norms practical transcription - "Samson") vkoreyskom language means "three stars". Possible connection of the name with three sons of the founder of Samsung Lee Benchholya (이병철), the youngest of whom Lee Gonhi (sometimes spelled Lee Kun-hee - tracing English: Lee Kun-hee) (이건희) took over the company in 1987, in violation of all the Eastern traditions of inheritance, in accordance with which the eldest son inherits most of the family property.