Linux - the general name of Unix-like operating systems based on the same core. The Linux kernel is created and distributed in accordance with the model of the development of free and open source software. Therefore, the common name does not imply a single "official" bundling Linux; they are distributed mainly in the form of free distributions of various finished with its own set of applications and already configured to the specific needs of the user. 

Currently the Linux market-leading smartphones (Android takes 64.1% of the market), Internet servers (60%), the most powerful supercomputers (93.8%), and, according to Linux Foundation, in data centers and enterprises occupy half of the embedded market, have a significant share of the netbook market (32% in 2009). In the market for home computers Linux firmly in 3rd place (according to various estimates, from 1 to 5%). According to research by Goldman Sachs, in general, the market share of Linux electronic devices is about 42%.