Instrumentation amplifiers

Instrumentation amplifiers (IA) - amplification are precision blocks that have a differential input and output can be blocked by the differential or asymmetric with respect to a reference voltage. These amplifiers provide amplification of the difference between the voltages of the two input signals, weakening any signals that are common to both inputs. IU is widely used in many problems of data collection, industrial, and medical measurement applications where high accuracy is required to maintain static characteristics and low gain error and the background noise in the presence of strong in-phase signal (usually at a frequency of supply voltage AC). Company Analog Devices offers a complete line of precision, low-noise, low-power amp with excellent CMRR (CMRR) for every task and every market segment. 

IU with programmable gain (PGiA, Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier) ​​- a special kind of IU, which has a fixed gain levels. Desired gain value selected digitally - either hardware using special programming conclusions or programmatically through an appropriate interface (SPI or I2C). PGiA ideal for tasks that require minimal gain error or where one IC PGiA can replace several IU with different settings of the gain.